Marque Reserve bottle Marque Reserve bottle Marque Reserve bottle Marque Reserve bottle
Marque Reserve bottle
Golden Age Spirits

Marque Reserve
Exxtra Añejo Rum

A blend of bourbon barrel aged Caribbean rum that helps remove plastic from the ocean.

Unsweetened & unapologetic.

Don’t be surprised if this fiery taste of freedom inspires you to...

Start Yer Revolution!

There was a time when rum was America’s currency.

Before she was a country, she was just a collection of rugged colonies.

The imposition of colonial rule gave rise to the most successful revolution that the world has ever seen.

Rum—the original, native spirit of the American colonies, served to both fuel the revolt from tyranny & provide the currency to buy favor, reward privateers & celebrate victory.

Marque Reserve bottle

This was the Golden Age of rum.
And right now, rum is having a renaissance.

Marque Reserve bottle

A superior flavor profile made possible by blending rums from three legendary Caribbean cane fields.

Let the revolution begin.


This island was formed by coral reefs, not volcanoes like most of its Caribbean brethren. Flat with strong trade winds, Barbados became a sugarcane production powerhouse in the 1600s. This calcium-rich coal-isle was the first in the Lesser Antilles to produce rum. By the mid-1700s Barbados supplied millions of liters of rum to the American colonies. How could you exclude the rum that surely fueled many Molotov cocktails hurled at the Red Coats during the Revolution? We couldn’t so you won't.


With a rainy season nearly 8-months long, mountain streams keep the nutrient rich volcanic soil of the cane fields in Panama’s southern peninsula naturally hydrated. No wonder a famous Cuban national known as the Godfather of Latin American rum, after 35 years at the Havana Club, lives & produces here. The rums, like the Don, are world class too, so we bring some to you.

Dominican Republic

Home to the highest mountain in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, and rainforest rivers that transport nutrients down the shoulders of extinct volcanoes—the cane here is lush & flavorful. They’ve been making rum here since the early 1500s. Centuries of Rum Masteros trained here. Many voodoo priests trained here too. Their rich heritage, expertise & magic is alive in our rum—so you can experience it as well.

Our Rums have a distinct flavor profile relative to other rums of the same aging.

We have discovered that balance of rich oak and mild sweetness that is so difficult to achieve.

Marque Reserve bottle
  • Aged 8-10 years
  • Ex-Bourbon barrels
  • 90 proof | 45% ABV
  • 750ml bottle
  • No sugar, no artificial anything

This is why we painstakingly developed proprietary blends of rums from different Caribbean locales, all aged in ex-Bourbon casks.

It will satisfy Bourbon drinkers, as well as aged Rum connoisseurs.

Available soon in
select locations:

  • New York, NY
  • Gold Coast, NJ
  • Orange County, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Miami, FL

Clean 7 Seas

We at Golden Age Spirits yearn for oceans as clean and blue as the days when Pirates were the worst enemy in them. Currently, our oceans, reefs and sea-life are endangered by so many evils.

Thankfully, there are great people and organizations fighting for the health of the 7 seas. Listed here are a few that we support with discussion, promotion and charity. Help us shore up their efforts through the purchase of our Rum, or take your support directly to these noble organizations fighting oceanic injustice.

Clean 7 Seas

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